Lines of the Week for Feb. 28-March 4

ScottWe’re coming off another great week at the Dan Patrick Show. Here are some of Dan and the Danettes’ favorite lines from our guests over the last several days:

There’s no guarantees that if I sit out this year and Phil retires that I get the job. Brian Shaw has been there for a while. I think he is going to be one of the top candidates for that job as well and there’s no guarantee that Phil was going to retire anyway. So I had to look at that and I also had to look at the situation of getting to coach a guy like LeBron James is something that you can’t pass up. It obviously didn’t work out that way but I’m not at all disappointed about my decision.” – Cavaliers coach Byron Scott explaining why he didn’t wait for the Lakers job to open up.

George Steinbrenner really put me on the map with people knowing who I am.” – Joe Torre explaining why he would expect to wear a Yankee hat if he reached the Hall of Fame.

He’s a marked man I think for sure. ” — Former NCAA Tournament star Stephen Curryon BYU’s Jimmer Fredette

“I say me. Obviously my talent level has a much lower ceiling than Cam. That’s fair and I respect and understand that but I don’t think I’m the only guy in the NFL that might have that same problem. I think as far as your understanding and your processing information. I think that’s probably what the case is at this moment.” – Alabama QB Greg McElroy on who is more prepared to play in the NFL right now – him or Cam Newton.

Four to five years I’m thinking. It’s going to happen eventually. It’s like anything those who are against it will be in an uproar but after a few years it’ll be like that’s the only way it was.” – CBS college basketball analyst Greg Anthony on when they’re going to expand the Tournament to 96 teams.

I really think eleven should be in. The eleven that are sitting up there in the top eleven that I think deserve to go. I think we’ve all proven it in the league from our play outside the league. ” — Villanova coach Jay Wright on how many Big East teams should get into the NCAA Tournament

I expect to compete for a title this year.. We were a step away two years ago from getting into that World Series. Last year we fell apart a little bit and got guys feeling like our club was going in all different directions. That’s my responsibility to keep us going in the right direction and everybody as a group going there but we’re capable.” – New Dodgers manager Don Mattingly

I think he’s an eccentric person but he’s a genius also so a lot of times I think you get that with geniuses. I’m one of those rare exceptions that I’m not crazy and I’m a genius. He certainly is different. I feel like the things that make him different are the things that make him a great artist too. So you’ve got to take it all together.” – John Legend on Kanye West

I think there should be an argument for it. ” — Former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton on whether the Horned Frogs should have had a shot at the national title

Absolutely not. One hundred percent didn’t.” —  NFL Network host Rich Eisen on whether Cam Newton hurt himself by throwing at the Scouting Combine