Blake Griffin talks nicknames, dunks, rookie of year

Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin joined the show to talk about his season and more.

Dan asked him which nickname did he find the weirdest. Griffin pointed to “Dr. Dunkenstein and Rim Reaper.”

Dan asked if liked “Poster Child.” Griffin wasn’t into it. “Ya, but am I going to be a child my whole life?” Griffin said.

Griffin also talked about his famous dunk over the car. He said that he planned to do more with the ball, but he “panicked.” Griffin said that they sold the car for charity.

Griffin said that he’s working on a “power tap” off the glass lay-up instead of a dunk to change people up.

Griffin said that his game will evolve and he’s not going to dunk like this forever necessarily.

Dan asked Griffin the best team in the league. “Either the Spurs or the Celtics,” Griffin said. He said going against Tim Duncan is very hard to play against, because he’s unpredictable.

Griffin said that he considers winning Rookie of the Year a small accomplishment in the big scheme.

Griffin talked about his Oklahoma days. He said Bob Stoops did say he could come out and try to play football, but he decided not to.