Deron Williams talks about joining Nets, future plans

New Jersey Nets Deron Williams joined the show to talk about joining a new team.

Dan asked Williams if he’s going to stay in New Jersey. “I don’t know,” Williams said. “I can’t tell anything until the CBA is decided. In reality, I have two more years on my contract.”

Williams said he likes the organization very much, but he still doesn’t quite know the future.

Williams said he thinks the ¬†playoffs aren’t out of the question for the Nets.

“It’s gonna be tough,” Williams said. “It’s not going to be a cakewalk. … But we’re right there. We have some tough games ahead of us to see where we’re at.”

Williams said that adjusting to the East, he has to “switch his hatred.” Now he’s focusing on different opponents.

Williams commented on Jerry Sloan stepping down. He said that he’s answered the questions already and he’s not the reason the former Jazz coach retired. But he did say they had typical run-ins.

“Players and coaches get into it all the time,” Williams said. “We’re with each other more than we’re with our families.”

Williams also weighed in on Derrick Rose. He said he’s the MVP, and hard to stop because he’s developed a jumper.