Jim Calhoun says he volunteered to sit out this season, talks about future

UConn coach Jim Calhoun joined the show to talk about the Huskies’ national title and his future plans.

“I plan to come back,” Calhoun said. “I have recruiting trips set up.”

Calhoun said he does think about it every Spring and he promised his wife he would think about life after basketball.

“I’ve always contemplated is this is a good time,” Calhoun said. “But would the addiction to basketball be too much to me. Because I am a true basketball junkie.

Calhoun has to sit out three games next season for NCAA violations. Calhoun said that he’s never publicly said it, but he volunteered to sit out games this season.

Dan asked him if he thinks if he did anything wrong. Calhoun said he gave out some tickets to people who told him they were not AAU coaches and he made four improper calls.

Calhoun basically said Kemba Walker is ready to go pro and he expects him to go. Calhoun said he’ll be a top-1o pick … as high as No. 2 or 3, and as low as No. 9.

“Is he ready?” Calhoun asked himself. “He’s more than ready”

Calhoun said that he has a lot of talent returning and didn’t sound like they wouldn’t be competitive.

But Calhoun said that UConn is in trouble for other things as well, but it all comes back to him. “I take full responsibility,” Calhoun said.