Costas: Bonds ruling doesn’t mean his numbers were authentic

NBC and MLB Network host Bob Costas joined the show to talk about the Barry Bonds ruling.

What irks me a little bit is people can’t come to terms with what is obvious,” Costas said.

Costas said he doesn’t want to see Bonds go to jail, and he can understand why people think the government is excessive. But Costas doesn’t want to see people “soft-peddle” the impact of steroids on the game.

Costas said that anyone who thinks the Bonds verdict proved he didn’t do anything wrong are being foolish. Costas said that Bonds was a Hall of Famer before he started doing steroids. But he wasn’t better than Willie Mays or in the same league as Babe Ruth.

“All the numbers that came after he started juicing are inauthentic,” Costas said about Bonds.

Costas also commented on why no one cares about PEDs in the NFL. He said because fans don’t focus on records and they don’t have the same kind of debates about who’s better in football.

Here’s Costas’ quick take on which PED-related players belong in the Hall of Fame:

Barry Bonds: Yes
Roger Clemens: yes
Mark McGwire: no
Sammy Sosa: No
Rafael Palmeiro: No
Alex Rodriguez: Yes, depending on what he does the rest of his career