Barkley says Grizzlies can challenge Thunder; Lakers in trouble

TNT’s Charles Barkley joined the show to break down the NBA playoffs in his own unique style.

Barkley said that the Grizzlies are matched up perfectly to take down the Spurs. “They’re better than people think they are,” Barkley said. He thinks they’re young and athletic enough to pose serious problems for San Antonio.

Barkley also said Memphis can give Oklahoma City a hard series. “I guarantee Oklahoma City is rooting for the Spurs,” Barkley said.

Barkley does think the Lakers are in trouble. He thinks they’ll beat the Hornets, but they won’t be able to go all the way.

“I don’t think they’re going to win it this year,” Barkley said. “They’re just older. I don’t think they’re going to be able to flip the switch.”

Barkley said as great as the Blazers’ Brandon Roy was, the Mavs choking is what he took away from Saturday’s Portland-Dallas contest.

Barkley also explained why he wanted to apologize to Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni. Barkley made a joke about D’Antoni potentially losing his job, and he thinks that’s an area an analyst shouldn’t go to. He doesn’t want to joke around about someone else’s job.

Barkley doesn’t think the Knicks are built the right way now. He thinks they need to improve their defense and rebounding.

Barkley weighed in on the greatest point guard of all time. He said if he had John Stockton, he would have scored 30,000 points in his career. Barkley had over 22,000.