Brian Billick expresses concerns about Newton at No. 1 overall

FOX NFL analyst and former Ravens coach Brian Billick joined the show to talk about NFL Draft.

Billick explained why people are concerned about Cam Newton. “I think he wants to be good, but how quickly will he understand you have to separate being the icon and the entertainer, and first the great quarterback,” Billick said.

Billick said that Newton is a unique athlete, but that’s not the issue. “He strikes me as seeing himself as LeBron James-ish,” Billick said.

Dan asked Billick if he would take No. 1 overall. “No,” Billick said. He thinks there are three blue-chippers in this draft —¬†Patrick Peterson, Marcel Dareus and Von Miller.

Billick thinks that Blaine Gabbert is the best risk at the quarterback postiion.

Here’s how Billick would order the quarterbacks:

Blaine Gabbert
Cam Newton
Ryan Mallett




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