Blaine Gabbert makes his case for why he should be top QB


Blaine Gabbert tests at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) in New York City.

Former Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert joined the show to talk about Thursday’s draft.

Gabbert said that he doesn’t know what team will take him. Dan asked if he’d be upset if he fell below No. 5. “No, not at all,” Gabbert said. “Whatever team wants me the most will draft me.”

Gabbert said he hasn’t paid attention to all the rumors, and he noted that the trade market is unpredictable because of the Lockout.

Gabbert said his biggest strength was that he threw the football more than Cam Newton, and that makes him a better fit for some NFL offenses.

Gabbert talked about some of the questions teams asked him. Very interesting stuff … like who wrote Hamlet and what’s the difference between a seed and an egg.

Gabbert said he has a girlfriend, but he won’t bring her into the green room. And he plans to wear a classic grey suit.

If you want to see a cool video of Gabbert getting ready for the big day, check out this video courtesy of our friends at Gatorade.