Rex Ryan talks about players that didn’t work out, Belichick, Lockout

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan joined the show to talk about his new book “Play Like You Mean It.”

— Dan asked about players that haven’t worked out like Kerry Rhodes or Vernon Gholston. “If you gave us everything you had, that’s all we ask,” Ryan said.

But Ryan didn’t want to throw Gholston under the bus. “The two years I had him, Vernon was getting better,” Ryan said.

He said the problem with Rhodes was effort. “One that won’t isn’t any better than one that can’t,” Ryan said. “I thought Kerry Rhodes had more to give us. I thought he could have the impact of defensive player of the year.”

Ryan said you have to give a lot to be on the Jets. “It’s probably easier to play for 31 other teams,” Ryan said. “We want everything you have. You’ll fit in that way. Because all your teammates are giving everything they have.”

— Ryan talked about is respect for Bill Belichick. “He’ll go down as probably the best coach in the history of football,” Ryan said.

— Ryan said he thinks that the Jets-Cowboys game on 9/11 will happen. “I know that the owners want to have football,” Ryan said. “I know the players want to play it. And I know the fans want to see football.”

— Dan asked him the last time he got in a fight and how he did. “I’ve never lost a fight in my life,” Ryan said. “It’s much easier when you have a twin brother. I don’t remember the last time I fought someone one-on-one.”