Jerry West on LeBron’s legacy and why Mike Brown is good for Lakers

Hall of Famer Jerry West joined the show to share his thoughts on the NBA Finals and more.

West said that he doesn’t think LeBron James played on the same kind of teams Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant did and maybe he’s getting criticized unfairly. “These first two games of this series I think he’s been really good,” West said of LeBron.

West weighed in on the LeBron-Michael Jordan debate. West said LeBron is great, but … “If he maybe just had a little bit better low post game. A little better footwork. I don’t know if you could stop him.”

West thinks when you’re evaluating players, you have to consider the players around them. That’s why he doesn’t always care that much how many titles a great player got.

West has an advisory role with the Golden State Warriors. Dan asked if they had an offer for Brown before the Lakers hired him.

“I’m really not sure,” West said. “I know they liked him a lot. He was right there at the end.’

West thinks Brown will be very good for the Lakers. He said he saw Los Angeles struggling in this year’s playoffs. “It did not surprise me that the Lakers lost,” West said.




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