Dusek says no buzz at U.S. Open without Tiger Woods

GOLF.com deputy editor David Dusek joined the show to talk about the U.S. Open and Tiger Woods’ absence.

“There is a lack of a buzz around this place,” Dusek said. “There’s no one guy dominating this field.”

Dusek said that Tiger wouldn’t have been the favorite anyway. “That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have won, but there are a lot of guys playing a lot better,” Dusek said.

Dusek ranked his favorites this way:

1. Luke Donald: “One of the best scramblers.”

2. Steve Stricker: “Not flashy, but this is about a war of attrition.”

3. Matt Kuchar: “Automatic every week top 10. I think he’s ready to win his first championship.”

Dusek said there are young golfers that can “cross-over” and become big stars. But they need to win. None of them have done that consistently enough.

Dusek said Phil Mickelson is on the decline. Here’s why: “Over the age 40, arthritis, limited schedule.”