Padres’ Heath Bell surprised he wasn’t traded

San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell joined the show to talk about the trade deadline and why he thinks he wasn’t dealt.

Dan asked Bell if he thought he’d be traded. “Oh yeah,” Bell said. “About 99.9 percent I did.”

Dan asked Bell what happened. “I don’t know,” Bell said. “You have to talk to the guys in the front office. … If they changed their mind, why wouldn’t they come and tell me.”

Bell was surprised the team never approached him about a contract, even though he said publicly he’d give them a hometeam discount. He said he heard on a radio station that the owner was going to put out a two-year offer with an option. Bell said that he wished they’d come to him.

But Bell doesn’t want a two-year deal with their option.  “All along I’ve wanted three year,” Bell said. “If it’s two years with an option, why not guarantee it or make it my option.”

Bell said he still believes in the franchise … “but maybe I’m just an idiot.”

But Bell tried to look at the positive side. “At the end of the day, I’m actually really happy,” Bell said, noting he gets to spend more time with his family. Bell also said the Padres aren’t mathematically out of it, and he thinks they have a lot of talent.

Bell also commented on his family’s reaction to all the rumors. “They didn’t want Dad to be traded,” Bell said. Bell talked about his 9-year-old daughter having Down’s Syndrome. That’s helped put everything into perspective.

Bell explained why he slid at the All-Star Game. He said he wanted to make it seem like he played, like a little leaguer would.