John Daly comments on ’91 PGA win, Stevie Williams

Golfer John Daly joined the show to talk about his PGA victory 20 years ago and comment on some of the big stories in golf today.

Daly described the 1991 victory as “kind of a miracle to me,” Daly said. “To win something that quick my first year on tour, it was one of the greatest weeks in my life.”

Daly talked about all the details that fell into place to put together that win. And he said he celebrated by driving through at McDonald’s in a limo.

Dan asked if it seemed like 20 years ago. “It actually felt like 40 years ago,” Daly said. Although Daly said he’s in better shape now. He said he lost 137 pounds because of the lap-band surgery.

Daly also commented on Stevie Williams and his remarks after the WGC-Bridgestone. “The way Stevie went at it was kind of a punch at Tiger,” Daly said. “When you’re not winning, people are pushing you around.”

Daly said that a caddy has to be a friend. “Your caddy has to be your best friend,” Daly said.

Daly talked about Tiger’s place in history. He thinks that Tiger faced a lot of challenged Jack Nicklaus didn’t. “I think TIger has probably accomplished more in a lesser time than it took Jack,” Daly said.




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