Warren Sapp breaks down preseason NFL headlines

NFL Network and Showtime NFL analyst Warren Sapp joined the show to talk about the start of preseason and more.

— Sapp said that the Oakland Raiders are getting better. “It’s getting turned around,” Sapp said. “Hue Jackson has them on the right trail.”  Sapp noted they have  a great front line on defense.

Dan asked Sapp how deflating it was to play in Oakland. “That’s why I retired,” Sapp said. “After four years, I said this is not going to change.”

— Sapp doesn’t buy that the Eagles are a dream team. “Give me a break. They’re the Philadelphia Eagles. They haven’t won anything since 1960.”

Here was Sapp’s take on the Eagles-Ravens preseason game tonight: “I know Raymond Lewis. If it moves, he will hit it.”

— Sapp said that Jaguars quarterback David Garrard needs to lose some weight to help his back. Sapp said Garrard better be careful or he’ll be the Wally Pipp to Blaine Gabbert.

— Sapp thinks the Chargers are going to be better because they have a new specials team coach.

— Sapp thinks that Josh McDaniels was the guy who believed in Tim Tebow and he’s gone. Now Sapp would want Kyle Orton to start if he was on the Broncos.

— Sapp said he’s really not sure what they’re going to get with Donovan McNabb in Minnesota. He said McNabb is hard to read.