Peter King: Newton will quickly overtake Clausen in Carolina

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King joined the show to talk about the big storylines around the NFL.

King talked about young quarterbacks and the QB drama in Carolina. He thinks Jimmy Claussen starts in Week 1, and then Cam Newton takes the job before long.

King commented on kick-offs. He said last year the average kick landed around the 5. Now it will be pushed back to the goalline. King said when the weather gets worse, kicks will start to be returned more.

King talked about the Chicago Bears letting up so much pressure on Jay Cutler. He said it may not be valid, because it was preseason and the starters weren’t in there that much.

King weighed in on the possibility of the Patriots cutting Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth. King said that he thinks Tom Brady likes having Ochocinco there.

Dan asked King the most impressive team he’s seen so far. King went with the Eagles. “The day I was there, Nnamdi looked like a defensive Lynn Swann,” King said.

Dan asked the team most likely to draft Andrew Luck. King went with Seattle or Washington.




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