Jim McMahon on NFL lawsuit, ‘daily forgetting things’

Ex-NFL quarterback Jim McMahon joined the show to talk about being involved in a lawsuit of former players who are suing the NFL for not acting appropriately around concussions.

“I just want my medical bills paid for,” McMahon said. “That’s what I thought we struck for back in 1982 and ’87.”

McMahon thinks the NFL could have done a lot more. “They knew about these head traumas way back in the ’70s,” McMahon said.

Dan asked how bad things are concussion-wise. “Daily forgetting things,” McMahon said. He said he was surprised he remembered Fritzy and he talked.

McMahon said the only thing you can do is eliminate the head completely … make it illegal to hit a guy in the head.

McMahon remarked how easy it was to get a devastating head injury. You don’t need that much contact.

McMahon also told an incredible story about a limousine accident. His driver lost control and almost drove the limo off a cliff.




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