Bill Cowher: Packers, Eagles and Saints in 3-way race in NFC

Former Steelers coach and current CBS analyst Bill Cowher joined the show to talk about the NFL preseason. Here are some of his takes:

— Cowher said that it’s a three-team race in the NFC: Packers, Eagles and Saints. But Cowher thinks Green Bay definitely has a shot at repeating.

— Cowher said the big additions in the offseason are veterans. He thinks younger players aren’t going to help that much this season.

— Cowher said that he listens to NFL offers in the offseason, but he’s really enjoying CBS. He said he gets opportunities after every season since he’s been out.

— Cowher said the Bengals have to give quarterback Andy Dalton as much work as they can now and hope their defense is good enough to win games.

— Cowher said the preseason shows how valuable Peyton Manning is, because the Colts look so bad when he’s off the field. “He’s not just the quarterback,” Cowher said. “But he’s also the offensive coordinator.”

— Cowher said presnap penalties are the thing you have to work on avoiding in preseason.




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