Kurt Warner says Pryor’s speed may turn out to be a negative

NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner joined the show to talk about the big storylines around the league.

Warner talked about quarterback Terrelle Pryor and said his fast 40-yard dash means very little.

“For most of the guys in the league, 40-yard dash has no relevance whatsoever,” Warner said.

In fact, Warner thinks speed can be a detriment for quarterbacks who like to run with the ball. “They get used to playing the game that way,” Warner said. “They gotta start changing their game. … Even Michael Vick. It’s hard to survive at this level with those big strong guys hitting you every time you tuck and run.”

Warner also commented on Larry Fitzgerald’s new contract. Warner seemed a bit surprised by how much money it was, but said Fitzgerald is special and you’ve seen that in the preseason.

Warner talked about Carson Palmer’s situation in Cincinnati. “I still believe Carson Palmer wants to play football,” Warner said.

But Warner thinks it will be hard for Palmer to come back after missing a year. Warner said if he ever considered coming back, it would be “disrespectful” to not acknowledge how hard it is to get re-acclimated to the game.

Warner said he hasn’t gotten a single call from a team, and his agent hasn’t told him that someone has reached out. But Warner still thinks that he’s good enough to start for more than half the teams in the NFL.

“I would definitely not come back to be a back-up,” Warner said. “C’mon. Everyone says that’s the greatest job. If you’re a competitor and you want to play, that’s the worst job in the wold.”