NCAA’s Emmert on Miami Hurricanes scandal and future of BCS

NCAA president Mark Emmert joined the show to talk about the Miami Hurricanes scandal and more issues affecting college sports.

“These are all allegations,” Emmert said. “Until they’re proven, we have to treat them as allegations.”

Emmert said if they are true, this is a very disturbing case of a third party having a negative influence on a wide-range of people in the student body.

Emmert talked about the death penalty. He said “it would have to be the most severe and profound violations that really struck at the integrity [of the game]” for the death penalty to be invoked.

Emmert did note that the death penalty “has a profound impact on the university and student athletes who weren’t involved.”

Emmert also commented on the BCS. He said if people want to go that way, the NCAA knows how to run championship tournaments and will be happy to help.D

Dan asked Emmert if he thinks paying players is a good idea. He said absolutely not. “I’ve never met a university president who thought paying players was a good idea,” Emmert said.

Dan asked Emmert to describe the offseason for college football. “I can certainly say it’s been very dramaic and traumatic,” Emmert said. “It has exposed some of the biggest and worse problems we have in intercollegiate athletics. It’s caused a lot of people to give up the benefit of doubt we may have enjoyed”