Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly addresses scandals, Michael Floyd, joining conference

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly joined the show to talk about the upcoming season.

Kelly had interesting comments on the scandals breaking around the country: “The days of saying I only watch them when I’m here are over.”

Kelly said you have to build relationships with your players and follow social media to help see what they’re doing off the field.

Kelly said he’s been told he has to clean up his language on the sideline. He said he’s considering putting a baseball glove over his face.

Dan asked Kelly how close he was to cutting receiver Michael Floyd. Kelly said it was close. But Floyd showed him he was serious about changing. “He had to make a decision on how he was going to live his life first,” Kelly said. Kelly said he could look in his eyes and see he was humbled. Kelly compared Floyd to Plaxico Burress, who Kelly also believes displayed his humility when he came out of jail.

Kelly said the Irish will be much improved on defense, and acknowledged that that unit needs to excel to be in the BCS picture. Kelly said he needed to have an exciting offense to sell tickets at Cincinnati. He doesn’t have that issue at Notre Dame.

Kelly said he came to Notre Dame in part because its independent and the program can recruit nationally. But Kelly said if super-conferences form, the school has to consider it.




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