Bruce Pearl says he’ll accept NCAA punishment, but doesn’t agree with all findings

Former Tennessee Volunteers coach Bruce Pearl joined the show to talk about his future and what happened in Knoxville. Pearl got a three-year “show cause” penalty from the NCAA.

Dan asked what he learned from the incident. “If I don’t make these mistakes, I still have my job,” Pearl said.

Pearl did say that he didn’t expect this to happen. “I was surprised by the three-year show cause,” Pearl said. “I thought we already paid the price by losing our job.”

Pearl did make it clear he doesn’t agree with the NCAA findings. He said that they misinterpreted a call he made to a recruit’s family.

“I lied and I broke some rules,”¬†Pearl said. “But I think there’s a difference between being a liar and being a cheater.”

Dan asked Pearl if he would hire himself. “I would not hire me right now,” Pearl said. “But at some point you’re going to look at the body of work.”

Pearl said he has an opportunity to go to Dallas and work with Donnie Nelson. With the three-year show-cause, Pearl said Dallas is a “no-brainer.”

Pear also said he’s working with all the major networks. But he doesn’t want to be the story himself, so he thinks he might need some time.