Rick Neuheisel plays guitar, evaluates Andrew Luck’s Heisman chances

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel joined the show to talk about the upcoming season and take on the challenge John McEnroe issued by playing Nirvana on the show last week. Neuheisel used to be our resident guitarist.

Neuheisel played Dueling Banjos for Dan and said that he has used guitar to help recruit players in the past.

Dan asked Neuheisel if Andrew Luck was the leading Heisman candidate. ¬†“There’s no question he’s got the leg up,” Neuheisel said.

Dan asked Neuheisel why he hasn’t had an elite QB at UCLA even though he was a quarterback and has coached so many. Neuheisel pointed to Kevin Prince’s injuries. He said he thought Prince was going to be that guy.

Dan asked how much pressure he felt this year. Neuheisel deflected the question and said the only pressure is coming on with Dan and the Danettes.

Neuheisel talked about how he teaches his kids to stay out of trouble. He said they have a “wall of shame” on the wall.¬†Ultimately we have to have our kids understand there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” Neuheisel said.

Neuheisel commented on Case Keenum’s ridiculous numbers at Houston. He said it’s part of the college game with the wide hashmarks and having lots of holes in the zone.




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