Archie Manning comments on Peyton’s health, college football scandals

Archie Manning joined the show to talk about some of the big stories in college football and the NFL.

Dan and Archie talked about Peyton’s neck problem. Manning said he doesn’t ask Peyton about his status. He said he’s waiting to see just like everyone else.

“Knowing him, I know how bad he wants to play,” Manning said. “It’s not so much the streak is important to him. He’s used to playing.”

Manning offered a different take on the college football scandals. “In the NFL, when a player stumbles, it makes big news,” Manning said. “That same day there’s another 25 guys out there doing good things. I think it’s the same thing in college football.”

Manning said that boosters have always been a problem for college football. When the boosters try to get to know the players, that’s a problem.

Manning talked about his playing days. One time a guy gave him a suit and he had to go back and pay for it.

Manning said that people complain about how much college coaches make. But he thinks they have a good job. “I kind of think they earn it,” Manning said.




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