Jim Mora impressed with Cam Newton’s demeanor and play

NFL Network and FOX analyst Jim Mora Jr. joined guest host Howard Eskin to talk about the big stories around the league.

Mora called the Panthers-Packers game on Sunday and had a lot of praise for Carolina quarterback Cam Newton.

Mora said he met with Newton the Friday before the game and came away impressed:  “He was bright-eyed. He was sharp. He had a great sense of humor. He has a real sense of who he is. And what it means to be who he is.”

Mora said that his former player Michael Vick didn’t understand who he was. Mora said Vick told him that before he went to prison.

Mora was also very impressed with Newton’s play. “I couldn’t be more impressed with a young quarterback than I am with Cam Newton right now,” Mora said.

Mora had more comments on Vick. He’s very impressed with his former quarterback.

“Mike has gotten a lot of junk out of his life,” Mora said. “He went through something none of us want to go through, going to prison. He brought it upon himself. It forced him to get rid of a lot of junk. People, activities, attitudes that he used to have are not part of his being right now.”

Mora talked about defensive players faking injuries against up-tempo offenses. Mora said that the best way to do it is with a defensive tackle, because they’re the ones you want to sub for when the game is moving fast.