Tony Dungy says Colts used to send tape to NFL of opponents faking injuries

NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy joined the show to talk about faking injuries and other big storylines around the league.

Dungy said that they sent tape of fake injuries into the NFL several times when he was in Indianapolis.

“The biggest offenders we saw were the Houston Texans,” Dungy said.

Dungy said that the Texans coaches had signals for when a defensive player should go down to slow down Peyton Manning and Co.

Dungy said it’s very hard to prove. “It really is hard if you don’t get someone on the inside to admit it,” Dungy said.

I think it will continue to happen, just a little more subtlely,” Dungy said.

Dungy also commented on Peyton Manning’s injury. He thinks if the Colts are in the playoff hunt, he may come back toward the end of the season.

Dungy said that he understands Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall saying he’d go after Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s injured ribs. Dungy said at least Hall is being honest, because many defenses do that kind of thing. Dungy admitted he made his players aware of what injuries opponents had.