Don Mattingly says Matt Kemp deserves the MVP award

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly joined the show to talk about the playoffs and more.

Mattingly argued that he managed the rightful Cy Young and MVP award winners in Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp.

Mattingly said that he thinks voters may overlook Kemp, but he deserves the award. “You look at every category, it’s hard to argue he’s not the most valuable player in the National League,” Mattingly said.

Mattingly isn’t high on pitchers winning the MVP. He said he lost one to Roger Clemens in 1986. But Mattingly did win one and admitted it’s in storage right now.

Mattingly talked about series-deciding games. He said they’re hard to predict. Even though you like the home team and the Phillies with Roy Halladay, you never know who will jump out early.

Mattingly said that hitters need to force Halladay to throw the ball higher in the strike zone. If batters swing at the low stuff early, they’re in trouble. Mattingly said Chris Carpenter has a similar style.

Mattingly had interesting comments on the teams that are still alive. He said the Brewers are built for their home park. He said the ball jumps in Miller Park. He said when the Brewers got to L.A., they would hit the ball to the warning track, and wonder why it wasn’t going out of the park.