Ryan Leaf looks back at why he didn’t develop into successful NFL career

Former Washington State and NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf came to the ManCave to talk about his new book and look back on his career.

Leaf’s book is about his days in college. Dan asked him why it was so close between him and Peyton Manning. “I was talented,” Leaf said. “At that level, you have to have many facets to be great.”

Leaf said that it was a different time. “The scrutiny they put into players now is a lot different then it was 13 years ago,” Leaf said.

Leaf said staying in college might have helped, because they were set up to lose the next season. He thinks losing in college would have helped prepare him for the NFL.

Leaf said that he developed a problem with pain-killers after his career. He said it started with surgery and he took Vicodin. Leaf said it go so low, he asked a kid for the drug.

Leaf commented on Andrew Luck. He’s seen him up close and personal and was impressed. But Leaf and Dan agreed the expectations are getting scary big for Luck.

Leaf commented on Tim Tebow as well. He said Tebow needs to shorten his motion.




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