Adam Sandler talks about Dan and Danettes’ roles in upcoming movie, playing a woman in Jack and Jill

Actor Adam Sandler joined the show to talk about his new movie Jack and Jill and more.

Sandler said that the Danettes are still in “I Hate You Dad.” Apparently all the Danettes have close-ups.

Sandler said that Dan is great in the movie.  Sandler said it takes a moment for people to recognize him.

Sandler also talked about Dan’s scene with Katie Holmes in Jack and Jill getting cut. Sandler said Dan was great in the scene.

Dan asked Sandler about playing a woman in Jack and Jill and if he had to shave his legs.  “It wasn’t for Jill,” Sandler said. “I had a lot of swim meets going on.”

Dan asked Sandler who his biggest celebrity friends are. He said Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson.





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