Seth Davis puts Coach K’s record win into perspective, looks ahead at Duke’s future

Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis dropped by the ManCave to talk about Duke and the national picture in college basketball.

Davis, a Duke graduate, had very interesting perspective on Coach K’s record 903rd win. Davis said that Coach K was not a big winner at Army and he wasn’t “Coach K” early on during his career at Duke.

Davis said that he had special connections with his players, and Davis particularly talked about Bobby Hurley. “Bobby was Coach K, just more talented,” Davis said.

Davis said that he was in classes with Christian Laettner and the big man wasn’t always easy to like.

Dan and Davis talked about Coach K’s successor. Davis said it would be hard for Coach K to choose one guy. “Wojo does have the Polish thing going,” Davis said.  Davis said when Coach K flirted with the Lakers, Johnny Dawkins appeared to be the heir apparent.

“It’s going to be hard to follow that guy,” Davis said of Coach K.

Davis also weighed in on the proposed age limit for the NBA. In the new deal, there may be a 20-year-old limit. Davis thinks this is a bad idea. He said if the owners don’t want the young kids, don’t draft them.




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