Marshall Faulk on Tim Tebow; why teams should draft RBs in first round

NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk joined the show to talk about the big stories around the league.

Faulk had interesting comments on the Broncos-Jets game and Denver’s unusual offensive attack.

“I don’t think anyone’s geared up to stop the option,” Faulk said. “We’re going to see what one of our better defensive coordinators, Rex Ryan, can do to defend Tim Tebow.”

Faulk said that Tebow is unique. “He’s not your traditional quarterback,” Faulk said. “He initiates contact.”

Faulk also talked about how the league is using specialized backs, but they should be using a primary back. “Your offense is much better when you have a back who plays every down and does everything,” Faulk said. “You’re not dictating to the defense what you’re doing by your running back.”

Faulk said he would take a running back in the first round, as long as it was the right back.

Dan asked Faulk why running backs seem to run less hard when they get paid. Faulk said he thinks that it may be that, or defenses focus on stopping the productive backs. And only the productive backs get paid.

Faulk weighed in on Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez as well. He thinks the Jets need to let Sanchez grow and stop being conservative to win in the short term.