Todd Fritz’s MNF song for Saints-Giants

With Hank Williams Jr. out, Todd is volunteering his services to write lyrics for Monday Night Football. Here’s his Saints-Giants song:

It’s Eli vs. Drew
What more can you say
A Mardi Gras atmosphere
To make you yell Ben-YAY

I’ve got the Po’ Boys
And you bring the booze
Someone better guard COLSTON
And watch out for CRUZ

They might be Giants
But they won’t feel at home
When they feel ‘Nawlins rockin’
In the Superdome

It won’t be a BREES
Big Blue will be taking their licks
The Saints won’t be impressed
When New York whips out their NICKS

It’s gonna get dirty
Better hide your daughter
The party’s just beginning
Down in the French Quarter

The gumbo’s just about ready
And so is SPROLES and ROLLE
Let’s kick it off Louisiana style
With cajun and creole

The home team’s marchin’ in
So enough with the chat
Manning gonna beat them Saints?
The fans screamin’ Who Dat?

It feels like Fat Tuesday
But it’s just Monday Night
Someone’s gettin’ their OSI kicked
On Bourbon Street tonight

Hit it…Come on and get ready…Are you ready for some football?