Tim Tebow talks about his season and pressures of his notoriety

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow stopped by the Indy ManCave to talk Super Bowl and more.

Dan asked Tebow if he had fun this season. “I did,” Tebow said. “I’m living a dream.”

Tebow said that he actually dreamed of being a Dallas Cowboy when he was a kid. He was an Emmit Smith fan. Dan asked if he could play running back.

Tebow explained why he succeeded in the end of games. He said that he knew the defense a little better by the fourth quarter.

Tebow commented on “Tebowing.” He said he’s been doing the same exact thing for the last seven years … it just caught on this year.

Tebow also talked about the noteriety. He said he didn’t go out to dinner during the season. He said that he was trying to eliminate distractions.

Tebow said his most disappointing loss was against Kansas City in Week 17. Then he went to see a kid who was fighting Leukemia and that helped put everything into perspective.




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