Rodney Harrison on criticism of Brady, Patriots’ future

NBC NFL analyst Rodney Harrison joined guest host Glenn Ordway to talk about the Super Bowl.

Harrison talked about some of the plays that didn’t happen for the Patriots. He pointed out Rob Ninkovich’s off-sides. And how the defensive backs blew it on Mario Manningham’s long catch in the final minutes.

Harrison wasn’t surprised the Boston media is going after Tom Brady. “It’s just the media’s way of saying finally we have a chance to torch him,” Harrison said.

Harrison said that Brady will use what happens as motivation. He thinks that Brady will have three or four more years to get back to this position.

Brady thinks the Patriots are in a great position to have success in the coming years because of how Bill Belichick has set up the system.

Harrison talked about being objective as an analyst. He said he’ll be critical and players have issues with him. He said the Giants’ Chris Canty stared him down before the Super Bowl because of a remark he made earlier in the season.

Harrison talked about his emotion reliving his last Super Bowl with David Tyree on NBC. “Just sitting next to me, I never realized how tough it was,” Harrison said. “You continue to blame yourself. I’m still disappointed.”




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