Pablo Torre says no one at Harvard knew Lin-Sanity was coming

Sports Illustrated writer Pablo S. Torre joined the show to talk about his cover story on Jeremy Lin.

Torre wrote a story on Lin at Harvard and said people saw him as potential NBA point guard — most likely a second-stringer.

Torre, who went to Harvard, said Lin “was the team” during college. But still no one at Harvard knew he was going to play like he’s playing now.

Torre said that Lin has had pressure on him at Harvard and with the Golden State Warriors because Asian-Americans have followed him. Torre noted that one time the Harvard-Santa Clara game sold out because fans came to see Lin.

Torre said Lin often talks to Yao Ming and was actually going to play for Yao’s team in China during the Lockout.

Torre noted that Lin had gotten down on himself when he got cut by the Rockets. He didn’t think he was going to make it.

Torre said that Lin’s upside is limitless. “He can be the most popular player in the world,” Torre said, noting the fan base overseas.




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