Robert Griffin III talks about his fast 40 time at Combine

NFL draft prospect Robert Griffin III joined the show to talk about his experience at the Combine.

Dan asked what his 4.41 40 means. “It just means I add another level to the game,” Griffin said.

Dan asked how he would compete against Michael Vick. “I think Vick gets me to the 20. I get him to the 40,” Griffin said. “Fresh out of college, there was nobody faster than Michael Vick.”

Dan asked how many interviews he had. “I did nine formal interviews. I did three informal,” Griffin said.

Dan asked about his quote claiming that he’d be honored to hold a clipboard for Peyton Manning. Griffin said that was true, but he didn’t want to sit forever: “If you lose the starting quarterback job to Peyton Manning, I don’t think that’s anything to shake your head about.”

Griffin explained that he measured above 6-foot-2, but not the 6-4 he was listed as in at high school.

Griffin also announced he’d be on the cover of EA Sports NCAA Football13 video game. He said he’s very good at the game, but doesn’t play much defense.




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