Roy Williams surprised UNC struggling on offense

North Carolina coach Roy Williams joined the show to talk about the Tar Heels’ upcoming game against Duke and more.

Williams doesn’t think his team is disappointing because some of the expectations were too high coming into the season.

Williams did say that he was disappointed that they’ve struggled offensively. He thought they would be a very good scoring team, but injuries hurt them.

Williams, however, did point out they’d look better if Duke didn’t beat them on a last-second shot by Austin Rivers.

“Bottom line is we have four losses,” Williams said. “If Austin Rivers shot doesn’t go in, we have three losses. No one is saying anything.”

Dan asked Williams if he ever runs into Coach K in North Carolina. “Like run into him like see him or run into him with my car?” Williams said. “For some reason, I had that vision.” Williams said that he likes coaches and he certainly would say hello.

Williams weighed in on John Calipari. He said that he may get more heat because Kentucky is so high profile and the controversy around one-and-done. But Williams said that Calipari does a great job, noting he never loses at home.




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