Matt Light weighs in on Patriots style, why Spygate was ‘non-issue’

Former Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light joined the show to talk about why he recently retired and more.

Dan asked Light if it was worse to make Tom Brady or Bill Belichick angry. Light said definitely Belichick.

“He has a unique way of highlighting you postgame amongst your peers,” Light said. “You really don’t want to mess with that.”

Light said they won most of their games and still there were no “attaboys” on Monday morning. He said it took time before he realized that there was a method to that style.

Light explained why the Patriots players don’t talk to the media much. “You have to have one voice,” Light said. “And that voice is Bill.”

Light said there’s nothing to gain from being open with the media and young players come in and quickly realize that.

Light weighed in on Spy-Gate. “It was a non-issue,” Light said. “From a players perspective, we realize every team was doing whatever they could to get an advantage.” Light said that kind of information doesn’t help you as much as you’d think.

Light had interesting comments on Belichick’s role in Spygate. “A guy like BIll would never do anything to disrespec the game,” Light said. “He’ll be the first to tell you he’ll push right up to the edge.”

Light thinks the bounty was more of an issue because it involved player safety.

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