Mark Jackson breaks down NBA Finals and talks about all-time great point guards

Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson joined the show to share his thoughts on the NBA Finals.

Jackson commented on Eric Spoelstra. “He took too much blame last year,” Jackson said. “He’s done a great job from Day 1.” Jackson also expressed his admiration for Scotty Brooks.

Dan asked Jackson what advice he’d give Thunder guard Russell Westbrook. “Do you,” Jackson said. “Disregard what everyone else is saying. The way he attacks on the offensive end has put them in this position. … They need him to keep his foot on the gas pedal.”

Jackson thinks that Brooks should move Serge Ibaka to the five-spot to take advantage of matchups.

Jackson said the difference in this series has been the Heat putting pressure on the Thunder by attacking. He credited LeBron James, who Jackson and Dan said is the best one-on-one defender in the NBA.

“At the end of the day, he will go down as the greatest small forward ever to play the game,” Jackson said. Jackson said he has a lot of respect for Larry Bird, but he’d put LeBron higher.

Jackson commented on the hierarchy of the great point guards of all time. He puts Steve Nash in the conversation. Jackson thinks that Nash can still start somewhere.

Jackson said he was amazed when he passed Magic Johnson on the all-time assist list. He said if you had told him he’d be higher on that list than Magic, he would have never believed you.