Dan Wetzel: It’s Penn State’s turn to face scrutiny

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel joined the show to talk about the Jerry Sandusky case and the changes to college football’s playoff system.

— Wetzel said the Sandusky trial as about one person, but the university is next: “It really is just starting for Penn State. … Now comes Penn State’s day in court.”

Wetzel said next month the school’s independent investigation will come out. Wetzel said that will focus on Penn State’s role. Wetzel said that they’re focusing on why nothing was done after Mike McQueary reported what he saw in the shower.

— Dan asked Wetzel if he thinks Joe Paterno was given due process. Wetzel said that we don’t know. But maybe we’ll find out something in the upcoming investigation.

— Wetzel said he’s torn on whether Penn State will face NCAA discipline. Wetzel said he can’t picture the NCAA investigating something as serious as this.

— Wetzel weighed in on McQueary’s future. He said he may be able to sue, because he was a whistleblower and lost his job. “His bosses failed him to a level where he may be going to prison,” Wetzel said. Wetzel said that McQueary should have done more, but he’s one of the key reasons the prosecution was able to put away Sandusky.

— Dan asked Dan Wetzel what the downside of the final four plan for college football was. “There is no downside,” Wetzel said. “No one is going to miss the BCS except for a few bowl executives.”




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