Mitch Williams believes Clemens never used PEDs, evaluates blockbuster trade

MLB Network analyst Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams joined the show to talk about Roger Clemens and the Dodgers-Red Sox blockbuster trade.

Williams weighed in on Clemens and his legacy. “I believe he never cheated,” Williams said. “If he had done steroids, the way this guy works out, he’d look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Williams and Dan argued about how Clemens rejuvenated his career. Dan said it was PEDs. Williams said he thinks Clemens developed new pitches.

Williams also weighed  in on the big trade. He thinks that Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez will benefit from going to the West Coast. “I think the Dodgers are going to make out like bandits.

Williams weighed in on the Boston angle. “It’s the first time in history I’ve seen them fire the team and keep the manager,” Williams said.

Williams thinks if the Angels let Mike Scioscia go, he’ll land in Boston and take Bobby Valentine’s job. He thinks Scioscia will bring stability to Boston. And Scioscia wasn’t happy when the team let hitting coach Billy Hatcher go.

Williams weighed in on Skip Bayless’ comments on Derek Jeter — that we should at least ask if he’s done PEDs because  his numbers are so good this year. Williams said that Jeter has just made adjustments, just like Pete Rose.




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