Jim McMahon talks about being on SI cover, memory loss, lawsuit against NFL

Former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon joined the show after being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

McMahon explained that SI came and talked to his girlfriend Laurie and she was the focus. He said that she keeps him on track.

Dan asked how bad it is. “I can still remember a lot of stuff,” McMahon said. “The short term stuff is not too good.”

McMahon said he thinks the “majority” of the damage was because of football. He said he joined the lawsuit against the NFL pretty early.

“It’s not for money,” McMahon said.  “I’m doing OK money-wise. We have to let people know what’s going on. … Guys are suffering.”

McMahon said he wants to make sure younger kids know what’s coming, and he doesn’t think the NFL will be able to do anything to totally prevent head injuries.

“If I had known the severity of the head injuries,” McMahon said, “I would have thought twice about it.”

Dan asked McMahon if he gets depressed. “Quite a bit,” McMahon said. “Sometimes I just sit around and do nothing all day.”

McMahon said he told his kids growing up he didn’t want them to play football. He wanted them to play baseball and hockey, and that’s pretty much what they did. Dan asked if he gave him a do-over, would he play football. McMahon said he’d try to play baseball, which is what he really wanted to do.