Denny Hamlin on Jimmie Johnson pushing limits of rules, Kyle Busch, living next to Joe Gibbs

NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin stopped by the ManCave to talk about his chances of winning the Cup and more.

Dan told Hamlin the story of when he got in trouble for leaning on Jimmie Johnson’s spoiler. Hamlin said that that may have had something to do with the way Chad Knaus set up that spoiler. Then Hamlin got into a discussion about cheating in his sport.

Hamlin said that Knaus definitely pushes it with his cars. “Some people look at it like he’s cheating,” Hamlin said. “Others [say] he’s an innovator. I think it’s somewhere in between.”

Hamlin said that over 400 people put together his car and he says even though cars are supposed to be the same, he wants his team to push it within the rules.

Dan asked Hamlin if he gets along with fellow drivers. Hamlin said he gets along with almost everyone and stood up for his teammate Kyle Busch. Hamlin said that Busch is a better guy than the media portrays.

Hamlin ¬†said he had to move because he lived too close to owner Joe Gibbs and he had these huge parties. Dan asked who he would and wouldn’t invite to parties. He said that Jeff Gordon is out because he’s too old. And Juan Pablo Montoya is out because he can’t understand him. But Tony Stewart is in, because he’s still fun. But Hamlin did say that he isn’t sure it’d be easy to date Stewart.

Hamlin told an interesting story about how he got started. He said that he was being courted by Joe Gibbs, but then started a relationship with Dale Earnhardt Jr. after racing him online. But he had met Gibbs at age 12 and was a big Redskins fan, and went with




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