Hines Ward on Golden Tate hit, players’ mentality on concussions

NBC NFL analyst Hines Ward joined the show t0 talk about the NFL fining Golden Tate for his blindside hit on Sean Lee and more.

Ward commented on the Tate-Lee play. “When I saw the hit, I said he’s going to get fined,” Ward said.

Ward said he wasn’t surprised by how this played out. “When a guys running like that,” Ward said. “it’s almost like they’re telling you to just get in the way. You have to adjust your game.”

Ward said he got a lot of fines when he was playing and helped build those nice, high desks at the NFL office.

Ward said that he would get physical with opponents if he thought the defender was holding. He said that you almost have to force the officials to make a call one way or the other.

Ward talked about the NFL mentality when it comes to concussions. He said players are “never going to throw in the towel.”

Ward said that players don’t think about the long-term effects of playing and there’s not enough information to scare them away from playing. “How many concussions does it take to make you ‘cuckoo?'” Ward asked.

Ward said players have a small window of opportunity to earn big money in this game. “Guys will literally die for that,” Ward said.