Andy Staples says 'Bama-Georgia a 'toss-up'; Miles won't leave LSU

Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples joined the show to talk about conference realignment.

— Staples said that the end of the Arkansas flirtation with Les Miles, Miles gets a raise from LSU.

— Staples doesn’t believe that Jon Gruden will take over at Tennessee.

— Staples said that Chip Kelly can adjust his system if he needs to. He also said there’s a chance that he could get hit with recruiting violations at Oregon.

— Staples said that the NCAA can’t control conference realignment because that would be an anti-trust violation.

— Stapes said that he understands how the Big East is going to make money by grabbing random schools. “I’m not sure exactly what they’re getting out of this,” Staples said.

— Staples said watch the Big 12, who is at 10 schools right now. He said certain schools are happy at 10, others think they need to expand. Staples said you might be talking about Florida State and maybe even Louisville again.

— Staples said that Alabama-Georgia is a toss-up. He noted the Crimson Tide has a lot of flaws this year. And he thinks that Georgia is a tougher matchup for Notre Dame.