Cubs owner Ricketts explains why he wants to make changes at Wrigley

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts joined the show to talk about improvements to Wrigley Field.

He explained that he wants to take the restrictions that keep them from making money to the Cubs can keep up with competitors.

“The neighbors have legitimate concerns,” Ricketts said. “And we are going to put a video board in left field. There are some people concerned about that. … We do have a little bit of a rub with the rooftop guys across the street.”

But Ricketts said that they’ve worked with the rooftop guys and think they have a way to put up signs and a video board that won’t block them too much.

Ricketts also talked about why they need to make it nicer. “We do have to bring it into the 21st century as far as information,” Ricketts said. He said if fans need a stat, they’re looking at their phone. He said that they need more bathrooms and more food options.

Ricketts said that his goal is to make money so he can make GM Theo Epstein’s job easier.

Ricketts also commented on Soldier’s Field and admitted it looks a bit awkward from the outside, although he noted it worked well inside.





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