Harold Reynolds on Mattingly’s future, Josh Hamilton, instant replay

Listen to Part II of Dan’s interview with Harold Reynolds

MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds joined the show to talk about the Dodgers’ managerial situation and more.

Reynolds acknowledged Don Mattingly is in trouble in L.A. “They need to get hot,” Reynolds said. “If they don’t win the next week and a half, I don’t think he’s going to be around.”

Reynolds said part of Mattingly’s problem is the ownership group doesn’t know baseball and isn’t used to a 162-game schedule. They panic too soon.

Reynolds said watch out for Angels slugger Josh Hamilton — he’s gonna get hot and hit six home runs in two weeks even though he’s been struggling.

Reynolds also weighed in on Clay Bucholz and said he thinks he was using a foreign substance intentionally by having so much sunscreen on their arm.

Reynolds talked about replay as well. He likes it. He said we never would have had the Jim Joyce blowing a perfect game if we had it. He can’t understand how Angel Hernandez blew that home run call in the A’s-Orioles game.




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