Tony Dungy: Peyton Manning had better weapons in Indy than Denver

NBC  analyst Tony Dungy (@tonydungy) joined the show to talk about the big NFL storylines and the opening at USC.

Dungy rejected the notion that Peyton Manning is surrounded by better weapons than he was in Indianapolis. “Don’t tell me this is the best players Petyon’s ever been around,” Dungy said, going skills position by skills position to illustrate his point.

Meanwhile, Dungy thinks Manning is playing at the same level he did in Indy. “He’s about the same,” Manning said. “He’s still pushing guys the same way.”

Dungy said there is no quarterback he’d take over Manning historically.

Dungy weighed in on who should coach USC next. “You need a dynamic personality,” Dungy said. “Someone who’s been a head coach before.”

Dungy actually doesn’t think that a former NFL coach is necessarily the answer. He said he’d be apprehensive about taking a college job himself. “I don’t know college football,” Dungy said. “I don’t know the rules. How you recruit. How you even practice.”

Dungy said Jon Gruden would be a great fit, but Dungy has learned that the TV gig is pretty good and if he was Gruden he would stay with that job.

Dungy told a great story about when he got fired. He said he found out afterward that Bill Parcells was going to come in and take over in Tampa Bay, but that deal fell through. Then they went on a search and landed with Gruden.

Dungy weighed in on the current Bucs. He thinks that they should release him, because nothing good can come from having him upstairs during a game.