Mariano Rivera doesn’t understand why MLB going after A-Rod

Former New York Yankee closer Mariano Rivera joined the show to talk about retirement and more.

Dan asked Rivera his thoughts on A-Rod and his recent issues. “I haven’t seen anyone work harder than that guy,” Rivera said. “I’ve seen people do worse things and no one says anything.”

Dan asked why it seems like MLB is out to get Rodriguez. “I have no idea,” Rivera said. “I would love to know that. I do not understand.”

Rivera weighed in on the Yankees signing Jacoby Ellsbury. “Lot of money,” Jacoby is one of htose feisty guys. When he’s on base, he can change games.

Dan asked if the Yankees will have money left over for Robinson Cano. “I don’t know,” Rivera said. “I hope so.”

Rivera looked back at when he moved into the bullpen. He said that it wasn’t his choice – Buck Showalter and the Good Lord put him there.

Rivera commented on Derek Jeter as well. He said they faced each other in a simulated game in the minors and Jeter got him with an inside-out swing.




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