Tony Dungy: Peyton Manning will play “light’s out” in championship game

NBC’s Tony Dungy joined the show to talk about the playoffs and more. Here are some of his takes:

— Dungy said we’re seeing more running in the playoffs because of weather and the better teams have balance. Dungy said when the won a Super Bowl, Joesph Addai and the running game was huge. Dungy thinks that the Patriots-Broncos game could decided by the running game.

— Dungy said the officiating is going to be huge in the championship games. He said the Seahawks’ DBs are going to hang all over the Niners’ receivers. And same with the Patriots. The officiating could go a long way in determining the winners.

— Dungy said the Seahawks showed they could win without Russell Wilson playing well. Dungy said Wilson had one of his worst games on Saturday. Dungy thinks Colin Kaepernick has more pressure on him … the Niners need a big game out of their QB.

— Dungy said that Peyton Manning has always said he’ll stop playing if the doctors tell him he’s putting himself in danger. But Dungy said that every time he’s talked to Peyton, everything has looked good on the medical front.

— Dungy said that Manning is a creature of habit, so if you’re going to get him, you better get him in the divisional round. “I think he’s going to play light’s out this week,” Dungy said.

— Dan asked Dungy who he would not want to prepare for. Dungy said you know what you’re going to get with Tom Brady and Manning. But Kaepernick and Wilson can scramble, and that always gave him a headache.





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