Roy Williams dispels ‘stupid myth’ on Michael Jordan

North Carolina coach Roy Williams joined the show to talk about Jim Boheim’s explosion against Duke and more.

Williams defended Boeheim. “As soon as the play happened, I thought he was exactly right,” Williams said. “I was proud of him. He had enough stamina to keep going. He didn’t raise the fist for a tired signal.”

Williams said that kind of things happen to coaches: “Sometimes you just lose it. I thought Jimmy handed it very well.”

Dan asked about recruiting Michael Jordan. Williams said he saw him at a camp and another assistant, Eddie Fogler asked him if he saw anyone there that impressed him. Williams said, “I think I just saw the best 6-4 high school player I’ve ever seen.”

But Williams didn’t know just how great he was going to be.

“None of us saw what he was going to do,” Williams said.

Williams said that the notion Dean Smith held back Jordan is a “stupid myth.” He said first of all, teams milked the clock against UNC and there was no shot clock.




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